La Rambla

What happened today in Barcelona is truly dreadful. According to "El Pais", a national news outlet in Spain, DAESH(ISIS) has claimed responsibility for the motor attack that took place in La Rambla, a popular tourist attraction in the capital of the province of Catalonia Spain.The thought that one could so easily are carelessly take the… Continue reading La Rambla


Spanish Music in “Los Ángeles”

My neighborhood in Southern California was very diverse in a lot of different ways. I remember at my junior high school dances Asian kids"Crumping " to E-40's "Tell Me When To Go" and Black kids raping in Spanish "esa morena esta sobrosa y cuando tu la toca ella se vueleve loca" to Pitbull. And as expected… Continue reading Spanish Music in “Los Ángeles”


LGBT in Spain

I attend university in the San Francisco Bay Area a place known for Spanish architecture amongst the steep slopes and winding streets. Its a part of California recognized for innovating the field of technology , and no, I'm not just talking about the iPhone 1 through 8, and for the thriving LGBT community in neighborhoods… Continue reading LGBT in Spain