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Weighing In On Holy Week

As things continue to wind down after Spring Break and Semana Santa, I have been reflecting on the week long activities that take place during Holy Week in Spain. Every year tourists from all around  the world pour into Spain for the festivities that began this year on March 23, El Viernes de Dolores (Friday… Continue reading Weighing In On Holy Week

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Carnaval in Cadiz: Racism in Disguise

Cultural relativism is the idea that customs and cultural norms exist independently and relationally in between different cultures. Living in a globalised society in which we all share our cultures with each other its fundamental that we understand theories and concepts such as cultural relativism.Often, distinct cultures will interpret similar or even identical things in… Continue reading Carnaval in Cadiz: Racism in Disguise


Study Abroad Slump

  After being abroad for half of a year I feel comfortable in my local community. Culture shock is less shocking and the language barrier shrinks more and more everyday that I am here. I have found myself in a very comfortable grove, I've become a regular at my favourite restaurants, and even learned to… Continue reading Study Abroad Slump


Blind Abroad

For anyone, living outside of your country and in a foreign culture is something that can be nerve racking to say the least,. Having to adapt to new cultural norms and social cues is difficult across the board. Being a person who lives with an overt visual handicap, I anticipated that this experience would come… Continue reading Blind Abroad

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Columbus Day: Victory or Defeat

In both Spain and the United States we celebrate or lament the day that Christopher Columbus, an explore sanctioned by Los Reyes Catolicos//The Catholic Kings who reunited Spain after expulsing the Muslim rulers from Europe arrived to the Americas changing the world in a completely unforeseen way. October 9th is without a doubt one of… Continue reading Columbus Day: Victory or Defeat


La Rambla

What happened today in Barcelona is truly dreadful. According to "El Pais", a national news outlet in Spain, DAESH(ISIS) has claimed responsibility for the motor attack that took place in La Rambla, a popular tourist attraction in the capital of the province of Catalonia Spain.The thought that one could so easily are carelessly take the… Continue reading La Rambla


Spanish Music in “Los Ángeles”

My neighborhood in Southern California was very diverse in a lot of different ways. I remember at my junior high school dances Asian kids"Crumping " to E-40's "Tell Me When To Go" and Black kids raping in Spanish "esa morena esta sobrosa y cuando tu la toca ella se vueleve loca" to Pitbull. And as expected… Continue reading Spanish Music in “Los Ángeles”